The worst year we’ve had yet with regard to weather.  It was so windy that by mid-afternoon half of the fireworks barrier had been blown down and there was no way to reset it.  The truck carrying the fireworks could not get across the Bay Bridge.  A number of fireworks displays were cancelled throughout the area.

  • Badge sales were down $20,000 from 2007.  The price was raised from $15 to $20 each; children 12 and under were still free.
  • The economy tanked.
  • We tried the King Street Mile again absorbing more of the expenses.
  • Artist fees increased reflecting more venues and performers wanting more money
  • We reduced buses slightly by using the trolley.
  • We had no venues in Del Ray and saved money on buses; the performer fees were diverted to Old Town venues.

We will see our second negative year end.  However, this time we dipped into reserves.