A banner year for badge sales; up nearly $24,000 to $91,650

  • This was the last year badges were a maximum of $15
  • The City’s funding stabilized
  • Advertising again increased
  • Buses increased again
  • The management fee was raised slightly and management took over booking the performers.  Nora Partlow had taken on this responsibility as part of her board responsibilities at no fee.  After that we had two contractors at various times (Michelle Swann and Rob Gabriel) who were paid small fees.
  • Police costs nearly doubled.  Prior to this time, much of the cost of security was absorbed by Federal grants the police department received.
  • The year ended with a slight surplus.
  • Getting volunteers to work in Del Ray was nearly impossible
  • The King Street Mile was created to attract media earlier.  We were limited to elite runners, those that could do eight-minute miles.  The start was at City Hall; the end at the Amtrak Station.  Costs were shared by Pacers who organized the race part of it.  It was successful but costly.