In the spring, after meetings with Ann and Rick Dorman, the board hired them to produce the event and either run the organization for the next year or, if not successful, dissolve First Night Alexandria.

  • The organization had about $350 in the bank and nearly $3,600 in debt.  If the event was successful, the Dormans were to restructure the board for 2002.  The Dormans plan was to run First Night Alexandria in a more business like manner, changing the model practiced since the inception of the event.
  • There were virtually no complete records passed on in the transition
  • The Dormans took on the event for the first year with no fee unless it was successful (defined as being able to pay all the bills and have enough cash to move forward to the next year).  A fee would be paid in January if the event was successful.
  • For several years after that, half the fee would be paid monthly with the balance paid in January, once all other bills were paid.
  • Then board president, David Martin (an Alexandria resident employed by a large law firm in DC), understood the BOD wasn’t the right mix of people; it needed to be more Alexandria business focused.
  • The event was successful and after all bills were paid (including the Dormans’ fee) there was a $24,000+ surplus to begin the next event.
  • First Night Alexandria received major support from Bill Euille, then on counsel, and then Mayor Kerry Donley.