Earth Wind & Fire Tribute Band

The Earth, Wind & Fire Tribute Band is a group of talented and committed musicians and vocalists who primarily have their roots in gospel music, but have a great love and appreciation for the old school stylings and musicianship of Earth, Wind & Fire. EWF was one of the premier groups of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s and has continually made great music, performing for an enthusiastic fan base and packed venues both nationally and internationally.

This tribute band brings to life the magical R&B, funk, and jazz sound of EWF – arguably the greatest band of its era, and one of the greatest influences on today’s performers. From the tight lyrics, instrumentation, and music to a sound that is like no other, EWF has been around over four decades and is still going strong. The EWF Tribute Band wants to keep this music alive so that everyone will know the elements (Earth, Wind & Fire) will live forever!

Genre: Classics, Funk, Jazz, R&B